Avancé Aloe Daytime Breathable Adult Briefs Large

by Smart Choice Medical
Save 17%
  • Waist Range: 
    44" - 58" 

  • Aloe Vera Core:
    Aloe Vera Absorption Core provides comfortable contact with skin.
  • Dual Leak Guards:
    Dual Leak Guards on the lateral sections of the diaper provide a hydrophobic barrier.

  • Air Breathe Backsheet:
    Cloth-like Breathable Backsheet material allows for circulation of air, reducing excessive moisture build up.
  • Multi-Fasten Tapes:
    Dual functioning closures include glue and Velcro style fasteners for safer securement of the brief. 

  • Wetness Indicators:
    Triple Wetness Indicators ensure maximum protection and reduce wasteful usage. 

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